Why MANSAI Inc Consulting ?

MANSAI Inc., head quartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading multinational organization that has successfully served the information technology market place since 2002. Since its inception, MANSAI Inc has gained enough expertise in providing specialized IT solutions to its customers within the given time frame, in accordance with productivity and cost effectiveness. Reaching out from locations in USA and Asia, MANSAI Inc locates, attracts, recruits and retains the best computing talent from all over the globe by offering long term, challenging projects, continuous technical skill up gradation, multiple career paths and excellent compensation packages. MANSAI Inc specializes in Turnkey Project Development, strategic IT Consulting Services, Application Development Services, Integration Services, maintenance/Support Services and Staff Augmentation. We have developed and implemented creative execution models to help our customers reduce their software development and maintenance costs by more than 50% of their existing costs.


Reaching out from locations in USA and Asia, MANSAI Inc., locates, attracts, recruits and retains the best computing talent from all over the globe.


Provide our customers with software products that facilitate the creation of a significant competitive advantage.


Our client's growth.
Our Partners are creative, cost effective and efficient.
Looking ahead at the expected,changes in technology.


We are providing abundant learning opportunities for our employees, creating a healthy competitive work environment. Our employees experience the exhilaration of working across the width and breadth of our business and share in the wealth created through our success. Most of the careers follow the work and professional development path that is set out below: Programmer Analysts develop core skills in a technology/service area. When they have developed the necessary experience, they begin to supervise and train others.

Consultants begin to focus on building leadership skills. At this stage, they also develop a solid foundation in applying core competency and problem-analytical skills. Senior consultants broaden their team management skills, while concentrating on a specific service, industry or other specialized area.

Mansai Inc's career development programs are created to steer every employee's career towards a satisfying job in the information technology industry, while mapping a path for career growth. These programs also add technical proficiency to the employee's communication, problem solving and leadership skills thus, enhancing their overall profile Mansai Inc makes a large investment in training and development, which works out to an average of about 600 hours of training per professional during their first five years.