Engineering Services

Mansai Inc. has been providing technical services to Information Technology & other high tech industries since 2002 with 100% customer satisfaction. Currently Mansai Inc has service agreements with numerous Multi-National Companies in more than 30 states in the USA.

Now, in this uncertain global market condition, we at Mansai Inc. believe that we can help the giant chemical, oil & gas companies in the Energy Industry, in saving their costs associated in normal layoffs, severance packages, and benefit packages. We can help save costs by providing our efficient Engineering services on fixed bid basis and staffing our engineers on hourly contract rates, monthly contract rates. Companies can our contract when there is overflowing work and can end our contract with us when project execution is complete. This way, giant companies can deal with the uncertainty with our shear commitment.

With our highly efficient and proven talent acquisition system, and our global presence, we can provide few of world’s best engineers from all over the world for your company specific needs in all the below engineering disciplines.

We have our offices in low cost centers (in Asian countries), to balance high costs that are generally incurred in project execution in the US.

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